The soul part of any blog is its content so try to write something that can solve a real-life issue of your readers.Whether you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for awhile, here are some incredible tips to help you.

7 incredible tips for blogging

7 Incredible tips for Blogging

1. Content is King so Don’t Copy paste :

Try to write something that you are interested in instead of writing someone else thought on your wall. If you will put your 100% and write about something that you are interested in you will be more motivated.


2. Don’t lie just for a Catchy heading :

If you read tips for blogging on the web you will find catchy heading a must tip, I am not saying it’s not important.In fact, it is important but Don’t lie to make your content catchy and attractive especially if you are blogging about health related article. You may get readers at starting if you bluff but as they learn about you they will start ignoring your content.

3. Make your content easy to share:

Try to use sharing buttons on your blog you can use best plugins for sharing content.Sharing is important because after reading a great post people usually wants to share with their friends and family and it will also be a bonus part of your blog.

More it will get shared The more you will get Back links

 4. Try to focus on 1 traffic source:

If you are new to blogging you should focus on 1 source for traffic because once you indulge in getting more traffic you will get to know its really very difficult to try to stick to either SEO, SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES OR CONTENT MARKETING.

5. Monetize your blog at the beginning:

One of the core reason for a blogger to start blogging is to earn money from their blog so plan before you start your blog  How to monetize your blog.Don’t wait for a good stats.Try to know about the Best source of earning for your blog.

Planning is the first initiative key to success  

6. Analyse other successful bloggers:

Try to analyze how a successful blogger is blogging By saying this I don’t mean that Copy that or write on those topics on which they write and got success.No Never do that mistake, Just try to get idea How they market their Blog and about themes and other stuff.

7. Automate Everything:

Time is very precious for every blogger out here and Blogging Doesn’t require only creating content but also about SEO and social marketing.By automating I am not saying you to automate your content with the tools to create it. Never do such things. Hereby automating I am saying to use Plugins to Share your Content on your social media automatically by one click.

Conclusion :

To get success from blogging is not a one-night strategy you will fail often but try to keep yourself motivated by reading others success stories and try to figure out what experts do rather than what they say.



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